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Build Your Nearshore Software Development Team in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Nearshore builds high-quality IT teams in Portugal, from frontend and backend web development to mobile applications, network administration and managed services.

Lisbon Nearshore Lisbon Nearshore Lisbon Nearshore Lisbon Nearshore Lisbon Nearshore
lisbon nearshore it services portugal

Nearshore & IT consulting

Human-centered & Digitally driven

We create Nearshore Development and Outsourcing solutions customized to the needs of your business. We help you close your tech talent gap. Stop wasting time on hiring and training new employees every quarter and start using it where it matters most: your business!

World-class talent capabilities, whether you need Engineers, Designers or Developers

Lisbon is a thriving tech hub. Discover why you should call it your new home.

Discover why Lisbon is your ideal new home

tech solutions for retail

Lisbon Nearshore leads on innovative technologies, solutions and systems for the retail sector.

We support client growth with built infrastructure solutions.

Our Tech Skills

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Long-term relationships

From Software Development, to IT Architecture, to Infrastructure Management we've got you covered

Find out how we work and why we look out for long-term relationships with our clients

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Amazing Team


João M.

SharePoint Developer

The key driving factors for me loving to come to work are community and engagement between co-workers, transparency with the customer’s peers and working with state of the art technologies.



Web Developer

Lisbon Nearshore gives me the opportunity to work on several demanding projects. These projects allow me to grow professionally, every day, without affecting my work-life balance. The company's culture and its flat hierarchy were the key reasons why I joined this team. There is a lot of complicity between the entire team, which makes it very easy to go to work with my colleagues/friends.

lisbon nearshore it services portugal

João S.

Technical Coordinator/Lead Architect

Lisbon Nearshore gave me the chance of starting a project from the ground up, defining it with the customer and scaling it as the resource needs grew. To be able to set up what is know a 30 people adventure across several IT fields is something truly invaluable!


João P.

Team Coordinator & Sys Admin

Lisbon Nearshore provided me the opportunity to start a project from scratch by creating a highly qualified team in an international environment. At the same time, the family environment allows us a work approach with a great team spirit. I feel that we are really adding value and making the difference!

Some of our clients

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1950-326 Lisbon

Opening hours: business days from 9 am to 6 pm