Nearshore Outsourcing Portugal

9 nearshore outsourcing benefits that will add tremendous value to your company

Thinking of hiring a remote team but unsure about how productive it will be? Look no further!

September 2020

Are you looking to expand your IT team but having trouble hiring locally? Is your employee turnover rate so high that it is damaging your business? Thinking of hiring a remote team but unsure about how productive it will be? Look no further! To go into a nearshore outsourcing agreement with a trusted partner may be the best business decision for you. Below are (some of) the benefits you will encounter when doing so:

📈1 Remote work is growing exponentially

Remote work was already growing at an incredible pace and with the Covid-19 pandemic it shot through. Companies and employees are now acquainted to work and collaborate from their home which gives a new use-case to the establishment of all-remote teams. Nearshoring is now a perfectly viable way for companies to become more cost-effective while being able to add new talent into their teams.

⌚2 Nearshore team in the same timezone as the onshore one

A big advantage of an agreement for a nearshore outsourcing team with a trusted partner is the fact that you can have your home and nearshore teams work in the same timezone. This allows for perfect alignment of collaborative projects and tasks and smooths over the process of scheduling team and individual meetings.

🌐3 Better infrastructure than traditional offshore destinations

Portugal, for instance, has the 2nd fastest broadband in EU-28, and 4th in the world. This gives you confidence that you won’t see any unexpected surprises, common to countries with more volatile infrastructure.

📩4 Asynchronous communication

Put it simply, asynchronous communication is when you send, for instance, an email, without expecting an immediate response. Examples of synchronous communication are when you send a message through a real-time channel, like Slack, or when you have in-person meetings. Implementing asynchronous communication across your organization allows your employees to focus more on deep work tasks (coding or designing for example), and lose less time (and thus productivity) on more mundane tasks (organizing the email inbox or losing their focus to answer to Whatsapp messages). Nearshoring, per se, won’t create this kind of communication framework out of the blue but will allow for a culture change that will, eventually, turn your company into a more productive one.

🎓5 Access to a wider pool of top talent

The tech job market is hot everywhere, in Europe, globally, and in Portugal too. However, by using a nearshore partner, you can tap into a new market and thus access a wider pool of talent than just the one you have domestically. Plus, as stated below on the next benefit, you access that pool through a local expert, which will make your chances of finding great candidates even higher.

🔍6 Recruiting done by experts in the field

When using a nearshore partner, you are benefiting from local experts in screening and recruiting the top talent you are looking for. Every market has its own characteristics – Portugal is very Microsoft-oriented for instance, and you can find incredibly knowlegeable people in .NET, Azure or Sharepoint, for example – and your partner will be experienced in helping you navigate them.

👨‍💼👩‍💼7 Experience none of the pains of people management

Any company can hire people, but not all are effective in retaining them. Employee turnover in tech is getting out of hand and companies poach from one another at an alarming rate. When nearshoring, you have an invested partner managing and retaining a stable team, so that you only have to focus on one thing: expanding your capabilities and growing your business. Lisbon Nearshore, for instance, was awarded with the 7th place in the best companies to work for in Portugal. We even got the 4th position for companies under 100 employees! We also boast a 90% retention rate of our workforce which results in stable and highly productive teams for our clients.

💭8 Get new perspectives

Study, after study, after study, into multicultural teams and organizations, find they are more creative and innovative, make better decisions, and are more productive.

💰9 A partner who is invested in your growth

A nearshore consulting firm relies on the growth of its clients to grow its own business, therefore, when working with a company like Lisbon Nearshore, you are not simply buying a service from a provider. You are onboarding a partner that will take on as it’s mission the expansion and healthiness of your business.