5 Interesting Data Points on Portugal’s Tech Ecosystem

(in no particular order whatsoever)

May 2021

5 Interesting Data Points on Portugal's Tech Ecosystem 1 Lisbon Nearshore



We’ve been putting horns on our horses too 😉

🦄Farfetch – 14B$ An online retailer of luxury fashion

🦄Outsystems – 9.5B$ Low-code platform for the development of enterprise-grade applications

🦄Talkdesk – 3B$ Enterprise cloud-based contact centre

🦄Feedzai – 1.5B$ Fraud & Anti-money laundering platform


#Attractive cities for start-ups 🌆

Lisbon is the 6th most attractive city in Europe to create a startup and Porto sits in the 18th position.

A sprawling web of incubators, accelerators, co-working facilities, tech meetups, conference spaces and much more.

5 Interesting Data Points on Portugal's Tech Ecosystem 3 Lisbon Nearshore


There are more than 100+ incubators and accelerators in the country. Might not seem much, but keep in mind that Portugal is a relatively small country which harbors only ~11 million inhabitants.

#Tech behemoths moving in 🚀

Portugal, with its high quality of life and low living standards, has been attracting digital nomads, tech workers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Taking advantage of the thriving tech ecosystems being built in the country, tech giants such as Google, Cloudfare, Samsung, and Pipedrive (among several others), have been calling Portugal their new home too.

#Diversity 👥

5 Interesting Data Points on Portugal's Tech Ecosystem 5 Lisbon Nearshore

Still a long way to go, but VC deals in Portugal are attributed to more diverse founding teams than most other European countries.


#Producing STEM graduates like hot buns 🥖

5 Interesting Data Points on Portugal's Tech Ecosystem 7 Lisbon Nearshore

Portugal produces twice as many STEM graduates as The Netherlands and +20% as Germany.


If you’re looking to enjoy all the nice things about Lisbon and have a foothold in its vibrant tech ecosystem, but aren’t looking to incorporate and get in the war for talent, talk to us! We’ve been poaching top talent from companies such as Microsoft, Siemens or Vodafone since 2017.