Organizations in a post-corona world

These are intense, scary yet thrilling times!

April 2020

We do not know what tomorrow brings, but one thing is for sure: this recent pandemic already wrought substantial change to the way companies operate. We’re going through a phase in which organizational culture is changing by the hour. These are intense, scary yet thrilling times!

Organizations, more specifically organizations’ HR departments will have to do a complete overhaul in their processes. In Portugal, just the fact that you cannot hug or kiss (small gestures that are a cornerstone of our culture) will already change the dynamics within the company. The ability to motivate and raise the morale of employees will become one of the major challenges of 2020. This is due to the fact that even though remote work was has been on the rise in the past decade (especially in the IT industry), having a 100% remote workforce, all-day every day, poises significant challenges in the way communication flows inside the organization. Companies need to be quick to adapt to this new paradigm. Failing to do so will result in lower productivity and alienated employees.

The whole of society will change due to recent events and business is no exception. If there was already a big push towards digital transformation from almost all industries, that push will turn into an avalanche of investments in creating increasingly automated business processes, innovative digital customer experiences and allowing the possibility of fully remote teams. These solutions will allow organizations to further the sustainability of their business while protecting their workers from external shocks such as pandemics.

In a post-corona world, dedication and commitment from everyone will be key in future-proofing mankind in a globalized world.