Lisbon IT

The state of IT recruiting in Lisbon

Certainly, it hasn’t become easier for recruiters and hiring managers.

November 2019

Lisbon’s tech job market is booming. Everyday, a new international company shows up in the news as establishing a foothold on the capital with the prospect of hiring a couple hundred tech workers. Besides, the national market is competing as never before for talent. In recent years this dynamic has been positive overall: more challenging projects around, greater interest in Portuguese talent and in Lisbon’s vibrant scene, higher salaries and better working conditions.

Certainly, it hasn’t become easier for recruiters and hiring managers. If, on the one hand, a rising tide lifts all boats, on the other, the increase in competition brings with it renewed difficulties in the hiring and, especially, in the retention of talent.

At Lisbon Nearshore we’ve had our bumps in the road too. Luckily, we are able to have a differentiated position in the job market that makes it so that we are able to achieve hirings of top talent coupled with a retention rate above 90%. We have among our core values a true respect for work/life balance, lifelong learning and a supportive and friendly working culture that puts the human aspect at the forefront of everything we do.

Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives stopped being a “nice to have” to become a “must have” in any modern organization, and at Lisbon Nearshore, L&D is a major focus of ours. We empower our workers to become ready to the challenges our customers face in an ever-changing landscape by offering an extensive development programme that couples online, offline and out-of-office (e.g. conferences, workshops) training. These initiatives come from a leadership style that is focused on staying on top of market dynamics and allow our staff to build fulfilling careers.