“What is DevOps? Here’s an idea” 

In today's fast-paced world, everyone expects instant things, from ordering food to taking a cab. And the DevOps approach is an excellent option when the goal is speed and reliability. We invited one of our coworkers to explain what "DevOps" is. 

August 2023

Lisbon Nearshore isn’t just a company; it’s a vibrant community of top IT professionals working with very different languages and approaches. Our strength lies in our coworkers, and we celebrate each one’s contribution. Each of us offers a unique perspective, fueling our dedication to client success. 

One of these skills is DevOps, an approach that merges the development and operations domains to promote collaboration, increase efficiency and improve delivery speeds.  

To help you understand more about DevOps, we invited Filipe from our team of DevOps engineers to demystify this approach for us: 

“Hi, I’m Filipe and I’m often asked what DevOps really means so, here’s an idea. 

DevOps isn’t just a function or a set of tools; it’s a culture and a practice. It seeks to break down the silos between software developers and IT operations, driving more resilient and faster software releases. 

At its core, DevOps is based on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. This ensures that code changes are automatically tested and ready for deployment, reducing manual intervention and, consequently, errors. We also use Infrastructure as Code (IaC), which means that our infrastructure is provisioned and managed using code and software development techniques. This guarantees consistency, scalability, and faster recoveries. 

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, DevOps provides agility. It ensures rapid feedback cycles so that problems are identified and rectified as early as possible. And although I’m an advocate of DevOps, we can’t forget that it’s just one of the many methodologies we implement here. Each approach has its own specialty, and the choice often depends on the nuances of the project and our client’s objectives. 

It is teamwork in its pure stage; a channel that ensures mutual understanding and synchronization between all technological and non-technological members. What does it represent? Beyond fast deliveries and efficient operations, it’s about fostering an environment where collaboration and innovation thrive. 

Essentially, DevOps helps us ensure that our client’s ideas don’t just stay on paper. They become digital realities that people can interact with, benefit from, and enjoy.”