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From strategy, talent selection and onboarding plan, to team governance, we help you every step of the way! No need for bureaucratic and overhead costs, just focus on revamping your software development and infrastructure management capabilities.

Setting up your team

The Roadmap


1st Contact with Lisbon Nearshore
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Defining scope of Project in Lisbon or at your offices
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Interviewing suitable candidates and a technical coordinator
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Agreeing on new hires
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Onboarding at your offices
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Team working in your new exclusive office in Lisbon
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dedicated partnerships

The Lisbon Nearshore way

With our Nearshore competency center in the same time zone, clients can have in-person meetings or conference calls on the same day, in an agile and effective way to interact with their teams, solve problems, establish plans, collect feedback and take part in the recruiting process.

Team Building

We see our clients as partners in a simple, iterative process. Clients join the team to help us truly understand their business in an honest collaboration, aligning the right people in the right place with the right skills to balance the need for deep technological competencies, quality and cost effectiveness.

Nearshore and geographic proximity eliminates the need of costly and time-consuming flights, enabling both teams to build closer working relationships in a real-time manner.

We are a Boutique Tech Firm part of the Lisbon tech hub.

hard facts

Working as an extension of a client’s in-house team / Build and scale capabilities / Experts at building teams / Acting as a permanent resource / Exclusive offices / Teams allocated exclusively to one client / Long-term partnership / Training and development capabilities / The best local tech talent working with you

Set up a dedicated highly skilled team of talented designers, developers and engineers and integrate new consultants into your in-house team as you see fit.

Lisbon Nearshore Office

Our Nearshore team will be dedicated to your Project for an agreed timeframe alongside your specific requirements, and can be blended to include Technical Coordination, Solution Architecture and Project Management. Every Lisbon Nearshore client has its own exclusive office with the possibility of having onshore and nearshore teams working together, anytime.

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