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From strategy, talent selection and onboarding plan, to team governance, we help you every step of the way! No need for bureaucratic and overhead costs, just focus on revamping your software development and infrastructure management capabilities.

Setting up your team

The Roadmap


1st Contact with Lisbon Nearshore
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Defining scope of Project in Lisbon or at your offices
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Interviewing suitable candidates and a technical coordinator
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Agreeing on new hires
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Onboarding at your offices
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Team working in your new exclusive office in Lisbon
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dedicated partnerships

The Lisbon Nearshore way

Team managed according to your standards, hired with your approval, supported by us!

We see you as a partner, and we assemble the team as an organic extension of their your teams. Our focus is on supporting you and your growth!

Nearshore and geographic proximity eliminates the need of costly and time-consuming flights, enabling both teams to build closer working relationships in a real-time manner.

We are a Boutique Tech Firm part of the Lisbon tech hub.

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Working as an extension of a client’s in-house team / Build and scale capabilities / Experts at building teams / Acting as a permanent resource / Exclusive offices / Teams allocated exclusively to one client / Long-term partnership / Training and development capabilities / Top talent working for you

Set up a dedicated highly skilled team of talented designers, developers and engineers and integrate new consultants into your in-house team as you see fit.

Lisbon Nearshore Office

Our Nearshore team will be dedicated to your Project for an agreed timeframe alongside your specific requirements, and can be blended to include Technical Coordination, Solution Architecture and Project Management. Every Lisbon Nearshore client has its own exclusive office with the possibility of having onshore and nearshore teams working together, anytime.

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How long does it take to setup a team?

An efficient setup process can setup a small team in about 6-8 weeks, from the time we receive the job description to the time the first consultant is onboarding. For a quick and efficient setup process, it is necessary that the positions we are hiring for are well defined in the job description and that feedback is provided in a timely fashion.

Which technologies do you work with?

We are technology agnostic. What this means is that we adapt to whatever tech stack you are using and find top Portuguese talent for it. Nevertheless, we’re experienced in setting up teams around Web Development (Backend and Frontend), Systems Administration, ERP Development (e.g. SAP and Salesforce) and Cloud Solutions (Azure, AWS & GCP).

What is your vetting process for consultants?

Most of the consultants are sourced by reference. This allows us to have real insight into the work ethic and technical capabilities of candidates before an interview. Should you wish to perform technical evaluations, candidates are keen to participate in technical assessments designed by you.

How/When can I visit the team at your offices?

You can visit us anytime and for how long you wish. We even incentivize this! It is important for the long-term stability and engagement of the team to have regular face-to-face time with their colleagues. When you setup a team with us, you are provided with free desk space for you and your team to visit our office. We also create team-building events between the Portuguese and the abroad teams, to help foster a unique culture.

Can I have the team travel to our offices?

Definitely! Our preferred setup includes an onboarding at your offices for a minimum of 2 weeks, so that the new consultant can be acquainted with his/her colleagues from abroad, get insight into the company culture, and get a deep thorough training in order to quickly become autonomous in their work.


What differentiates Lisbon Nearshore from other nearshore providers?

When working with us you are relying on decades of experience in the Portuguese IT market. You are also awarded with an exclusive office, complete with your branding, able to be used by you and your team, 5 minutes away from the airport, in Lisbon’s CBD. We only hire among the absolute best developers and engineers the country has to offer, providing them with the absolute best primary and secondary benefits, to prevent poaching from other companies, and make sure that they have everything they need to produce the best possible work for you. Our unique company culture, coupled with competitive wages and benefits, has allowed us to reach an outstanding 90% employee retention rate.